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As a CIMA-qualified, although you are exempted from the CTA in terms of the SAICA-CIMA Cross-Membership Agreement, passing the SAICA Board 1/ITC requires up-to-date and very technical knowledge of the following 5 UNISA-aligned CTA modules:
  1. Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting I (FAC4861/3);
  2. Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting II (FAC4862/4);
  3. Advanced & Applied Management Accounting ( MAC4861/2);
  4. Advanced & Applied Auditing (AUE4861/2); and
  5. Advanced & Applied Taxation (TAX4861/2).
You are required by this cross-membership agreement, to pass the SAICA Board 1/ITC exam within a maximum of 2 attempts in any two calendar years. Should you not pass the exam after these attempts, you will be required to go back and do the CTA –thus, forfeiting your claim to the coveted CA(SA) designation under this express route. It is for this reason that we want to prepare you to get it right and pass 1st time in order to avoid being sent back to do the CTA. We therefore, strongly recommend that you enrol with us for the above 5 CTA modules and undergo a full 7-8 months part-time course (evenings and/or weekends) to master each before joining our SAICA Board 1/ITC Exam Preparation Course. The course itself is intensive, assumes full CTA knowledge; and shifts from individual application of each module to the integrated application as approached in the actual SAICA Integrated Test of Competence (ITC). If you are a self-sponsored student, you can enrol for the CIMA-CA(SA) Combo 1 (discounted) package below in order to benefit from a discounted price of R36,150 (for all 5 CTA modules and the Intensive Board 1/ITC Course):
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2018 FEES

TEPP (Wor I)Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting IR6,250
TEPP (W or I) Advanced & Applied Financial Accounting IIR6,250
TEPP (W or I)Advanced & Applied Management Accounting R6,250
TEPP (W or I)Advanced & Applied AuditingR6,250
TEPP (W or I)Advanced & Applied TaxationR6,250
CIMA-CA(SA) ITCSAICA Board I/ITC Exam Preparation CourseR8,600
TEPP (W or I) Combo 1Combined CTA & ITC Course
(For self-sponsored students ONLY)
TEPP (W or I) Combo 2Combined CTA & ITC Course
(For company-sponsored students ONLY)
TEPP (I) Combo 3Combined CTA & ITC Course (Interactive Live Stream) R34,000

*The above fees are valid for 2018 only, and cover ALL the required study materials (Prescribed Texts, Questions and Answer Banks, Course Notes + Mock exams) but excludes exam and registration fees due to the Professional Body. You can join the 2018 intake by enrolling and starting your payments prior February 3rd 2018. Subject to spaces still open, enrolments for the January 2018 Intake will close on the 25th of January 2018 and that of the September 2018 intake will close on 20th of September 2018.



  • Pay ONLY a minimum of 20% per course together with a 1 – 6 months signed debit order mandate for the balance. This will secure immediate access to class as well as your study materials.
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