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Objec­tive Tests (Oper­a­tional, Man­age­ment and Strate­gic levels)

All Oper­a­tional, Man­age­ment and Strate­gic level PC exams up until the new syl­labus is released in Jan­u­ary 2020, are exam­ined via 90 min­utes computer-​based exams, which are held at Char­terQuest Pear­son VUE Exam Cen­tres. The exams are avail­able on-​demand through­out the year. Book­ing a course with us does not auto­mat­i­cally enter you for the exams; you must make sure you add exam fees dur­ing the book­ing process or book directly on our PC Exams Portal.

Inte­grated Case Study

In addi­tion to sit­ting for your Objec­tive Tests at each level you will need to sit for a 3 hour Case Study PC exam to qual­ify to move to the next CIMA level. There are 3 case study exams which you are required to sit at every level: Oper­a­tional Level Case Study, Man­age­ment Level Case Study & Strate­gic Level Case Study. There are four (4) cycles in which any case study can be writ­ten: Feb­ru­ary, May, August and Novem­ber.

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