CIMA Practical Experience Requirement (PER) Assist

CharterQuest is a CIMA Training Partner!

As you are on the road to acquiring the CIMA Charter and CGMA title, we do not only get you to pass your exams 1st time, we also help you with your Practical Experience Requirements in order to obtain full membership of the body.

How we assist with your PER

1. Project-Manage your Membership Application

  • We evaluate your CV and confirm that it meets the CIMA PER requirements. Where not, we provide counsel on how to proceed. 
  • We provide pre-designed templates with examples of mapping to the CIMA outcome references to assist you. 
  • We quality check your compilations to ensure it meets CIMA submission standards and guarantee you will succeed before authorising submissions.
  • We then coach you on how to pass the final interviews 1st time.  
  • Our fee for this service is R5950 + VAT. It can be paid in full or 20% deposit and balance via our instalment pay plan. 
To view the Project Management Plan we will follow to secure your success or to get free quote/book, click below:

2. Offer CIMA internship/articles

We are a CIMA Training Partner. This means we are accredited to give you valuable work experience relevant to meeting CIMA's requirements to become a fully Chartered member of the institute. We also support you while you study!

Subject to application and openings, we will hire you to serve your 3 years or part experience to meet all CIMA PER requirements and sign-off for you to submit.  Criteria to join the programme includes:

  1. Must have completed certificate level (not via exemptions).
  2. Willingness to sign a minimum of 1 year contract.
  3. Willingness to travel and work in any of our offices.
  4. Match between your values and our culture.
  5. Willingness to accept the CQ Internship Policy.
To get onto the program/request the Internship Policy,

3. Connect you with CIMA PER-relevant openings

Through our division CharterConnect, we are able to connect you as an accounting/finance professional (entry-level to fully qualified) to recruiters and potential employers. Kindly note, CharterConnect is a free-subscription member-based online portal.

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