International Panel of Judges


Professor Cosmas Mpoh Ambe
CEO, African Higher Education and Training Academy (AHETA)

Cosmas Ambe holds a Doctorate of Technology (D Tech) in Cost and Management Accounting with speciality in Environmental Management Accounting, a Master of Commerce (M Com) in Accountancy with a speciality in Strategic Management Accounting, and a BSc. Honours in Accounting. He is an astute researcher, consultant and trainer -and is currently the CEO of African Higher Education and Training Academy (AHETA) Pty Ltd.

He was previously, a Director of School and the Nedbank Chair in Accountancy at the University of Limpopo (UL) where he designed and successfully implemented a turnaround strategy, securing the University’s coveted accreditation with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). He managed the strategic and annual performance planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for the entire University, serving as strategic support to the Vice Chancellor and Principal. He has published widely and provides advisory services to local and international clients. His other prior roles include Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer.

Why did we select Cosmas to serve on our international panel of judges?

Cosmas played a key role as a judge in the 2016 edition and premier edition of the competition -asking very tough change management, capital structure and environmental reporting questions –and hence, he brings invaluable experience in judging a global case study competition. He is not only technically astute but is a superb professor and academic leader with a strong focus on developing future finance leaders. He is a change agent as evidenced by the successful turnaround strategy he rapidly designed and implemented at the helm of the UL School of Accountancy.

Our case company –AMANGO, faces strategic change management issues, uncertainty and political risk in its Canadian and South African operations; weaknesses in its performance measurement and reporting systems that contribute to ethical lapses and dysfunctional behaviour across the group; it is also faced with challenges to reform its environmental costing systems and introduce modern management accounting systems, without which it will fail to maintain its global reputation for integrated reporting. Furthermore, the company is plagued with massive cost control challenges that could be made worse by rapidly escalating industrial action in its Australian operations. 

We needed a seasoned professor and academic operative with state-of-the-art thinking on Strategic Management Accounting -with a research background in Environmental Accounting inter alia, to probe the teams on stage. It was also critical that such an individual has the capacity to assist the jury find the requisite balance between academic rigour and real world problem-solving excellence. Cosmas is uniquely qualified to bring these vital inputs to the international panel –and as such, we were only too grateful for his agreement to once again, serve as panel member!

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