International Panel of Judges


Deon Fredericks
Group CFO/FD, Telkom SA Limited

Deon Fredericks is a Chartered Accountant, CA (SA); a CIMA-qualified Chartered Management Accountant, and holds honours degrees in Accounting and Business Management. He has been the Group CFO and Executive Director of Telkom SA Limited, Africa’s largest integrated communications and a JSE-listed group since September 2014 where he has been instrumental in managing a number of successful acquisitions as well as guiding its massive restructuring programme in response to stiff competition from mobile operators and value add service providers.

Deon is currently on the Boards of Business Connexion Group Limited (BCX), SOX Holding Group, Gyro Property Group and an Advisory Board member of Business Against Crime (Mpumalanga). He previously held several other directorships in various Telkom subsidiaries including Trudon as board chair, and the Vodacom Group where he chaired the Audit Committee; he also previously served on the Telkom Retirement and Provident Funds Board of Trustees.

Why did we select Deon to serve on our international panel of judges?

Deon brings a multinational executive track record with almost 25 years of diverse experience. He played a crucial role as overall Chief Judge in the 2016 and premier edition of the competition –charging the teams with very demanding questions on the acquisitions, investor sentiment and political risk dimensions of the case -and leading the international panel of judges to balance the exacting demands of academic rigour, practical relevance and acute mastery of the industry. He therefore brings a wealth of experience as previous Chief Judge of the competition.

The CFO Case Study Competition –being an applied academic endeavour -with practical relevance to industry, the Project Board was honoured to include an exemplary top South African CFO –one with superb academic and professional qualifications (double honours degrees and double chartered designations: CA (SA); ACMA). Not only to build the stature and add much needed stakeholder confidence in the adjudication process, but to help inspire the aspirants to make that crucial connection between the hard work requisite in the pursuit of their academic and professional qualifications today, and the long-term career success they seek to achieve!

Furthermore, this year, our case company –AMANGO -set in the global metals and mining industry, is faced with major political risks and regulatory hurdles, slump in investor confidence, a massive turnaround challenge, and pressure to de-lever its balance sheet; against a backdrop of commodity price rout -and a global recession that has seen it lose 75% of its market value –and, it is now one step away from being ejected from the FTSE 100 Equity Index. We needed an experienced executive who has dealt with such challenges: Deon has helped guide a massive restructuring of a similar multinational, he has navigated regulatory and political risks and helped pull Telkom back from the brink. It was inevitable that The CFO Project Board will do all to secure Deon’s recommendation for a new Chief Judge –this time -from the global metal and mining industry, to provide the world class leadership he provided in the 2016 and premier edition;  whilst continuing to lend his wealth of experience and stature to the international panel!

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