2017 Student Agreement

1. Fee Remittances To Your Professional Body

If you elected to pay through us any fees due to your professional body (i.e. registration, annual subscriptions, exemptions or exam fees) so we can in turn remit it for you or allow you to write your exams at any of our PC exam centers, we can only do so if we have received the full amount from you/ your employer at least 7 days prior to the official cut-off date for remittance except where special arrangements have been made. Such special arrangements will include official confirmation from your employer that we can proceed to pay and expect payment letter or you having signed up for our 'YES WE CAN' initiative to remit the fees on your behalf whilst you sign a debit order with us for 1 to 6 months as part of your course fees. Students on our “Yes We Can” initiative should ensure that their monthly payments are up to date to ensure that remittances are submitted to respective professional body. If there are any outstanding debit orders/monthly payments remittances cannot be submitted on your behalf until payments are up to date. It your responsibility to provide us whether or not prompted with the necessary access (user name and password) to effect such remittance as well as to regularly check your student account status with your professional body prior to the applicable deadlines and follow up with us via enquiries@charterquest.co.za to ensure remittance has been effected. You are responsible for ensuring that you register with your professional body including applying for the necessary exemptions applicable to you.

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