My value-add to you

I joined CharterQuest back in 2013 to do my ACCA Fundamentals Level subjects and I continued all the way to the Professional Level. It is very difficult to get the 50 marks needed in an ACCA exam but the way you study can help you get these marks needed to pass. This is what worked for me and l hope it helps you find what works for you.

  • Revise the exam kit more than 2 times before attempting any paper.
  • Read and understand all the articles on the ACCA website taking note of the date of release of each article. They might test you on the latest articles which could cover current issues.
  • Cover the whole syllabus and spend more time on the areas you don’t understand, attempt as many questions in these areas and ask for help from the lecturers if the concepts are too technical. I found the CharterQuest lecturers very competent, open-minded, professional and involved. They will literally make sure that everyone in class understands and sometimes they add classes to make sure we all finish the semester with a full understanding of the module.
  • Download lesson videos and use as many different materials as possible as this will increase your understanding of the same concepts from different angles then pick the one that you best understand.
  • Use pass cards or notes which you can carry and easily access for theory subjects. This way you can revise any models or theories anywhere anytime.
  • Give yourself enough time to understand the subject and what the examiner wants from you so that you don’t waste time on anything that won’t give you extra points in the exam.
  • Do not think that once the lectures are over you can take a break. The volume of the work you have to cover is high and to spot will not get you a pass. But keep in mind, CharterQuest will not write your exams for you. Please invest the requisite time of about 3-4 hours on a daily basis studying in an exam-focused manner. Rest assured, CharterQuest will give you their 50% which is quality and exam-focused tuition and you will need to contribute your 50% by actually studying & writing your exams.

I hope you find this helpful!


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