Passing Your Gateway/MCS Exams 1st Time

Our Study Recommendation

Even though you qualify for the Gateway Exam route (i.e. direct entry through the CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) exams), going directly to attend our Gateway Exam course will require that your knowledge of E2, P2 & F2 under the CIMA 2015 syllabus is up to date as the course mainly seeks to apply that knowledge to the case study. Please ensure you review the CIMA 2015 Syllabus for E2, P2 & F2 to confirm that your Master's Degree or Professional Qualification was not only recently obtained but rigorously covered this syllabus. If not, we strongly recommend that you enrol for/take our Tuition & Exam Preparation Package (TEPP -Evenings or Weekends) to help deepen your mastery of E2, P2 & F2 and secure the vital tools you will need on the Gateway course instead of going direct. Experience teaches us that 90% of those who follow our advice pass 1st Time whereas 95% of those who do not often regret it! 

Should you follow this advice, note that you will not be required to write the official E2, P2 & F2 CIMA OT Exams as you have been exempted but you can take our internal tests to prepare you ahead of the Gateway course which normally starts 3-4 weeks after. Our TEPP Package for this is discounted and it is called the Full Gateway (E2, P2, F2 + Management Case Study) Course. 

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