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Scholarship Case Challenge

2019 Applications Opening Soon!

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Enter and stand a chance to win 1-of-10 full scholarship spots! Or secure up to 50% Bursaries/Financial Aid to study CIMA Fulltime! 

Can I Enter?

  1. Yes - If you are a Grade 12, Or Hold A Matric (Or Equivalent) Certificate, and
  2. If you need Financial Aid to Study CIMA FullTIME!

How/When Do I Enter?

2019 Applications will be opening soon.

Register by emailing your details to get notifications when applications open!

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How Does It Work?

Get a FREE Quote for CIMA Fulltime, apply for "Scholarship Case Challenge"; Solve, and Present a High School Accounting & Business Case Study!

Follow the 4 easy steps below;

Step 1 - Apply

Just get a FREE quote for CIMA Full Time here; then, once applications for case challenge open, submit your application together with a refundable R1000 application fee, including the required supporting documents.

Step 2- Get Accepted

Within 2 days of applying, we will acknowledge receipt and within 14 working days, we will confirm your participation at the scholarship case challenge.

Step 3 - Solve & Present!

You will be invited to solve and present a High School Accounting and Business Case Study! Details of the case study will be made available once applications re open.

Step 4 - Start Classes

Should you be selected, you will be required to attend the Orientation Day.  Download class timetables.

See below details if you are unsuccessful in step 3.

As admission places are limited to 25 students per campus, the R1000 refundable application fee guarantees your place in the event that you are unsuccessful in the scholarship case challenge, but would still like to proceed with your CIMA full-time studies with us. 

Click here to see the 2019 Fees.

Scholarship Funding Categories


10 Spots Available!


Bursary/Financial Aid
  • Fully-Funded 1 Year CIMA Programme
  • 100% Tuition Fees & Study materials 
  • 100% CIMA Registration & Exam fee (for 1st Attempt only).
  • All Employability Skills Modules (ESP 1, 2 & 3)


10 Spots Available!


Bursary/Financial Aid
  • Partly-Funded 1 Year CIMA Programme
  • 50% cover on Tuition Fees & Study materials.
  • 50% CIMA Registration & Exam fee -1st Attempt only. (Balance can be paid separately on a payment plan)
  • All Employability Skills Modules (ESP 1, 2 & 3)


10 Spots Available!


Bursary Financial Aid
  • Partly-Funded 1 Year CIMA Programme
  • 25% cover on Tuition Fees & Study materials
  • Excludes CIMA Registrations & Exam Fee. (Can be paid separately on a payment plan)
  • All Employability Skills Modules (ESP 1, 2 & 3)

Scholarship Terms

The CIMA Full-Time Scholarship will inter alia, be subject to the following T/Cs:

  1. Formal acceptance of Scholarship offer within 3 days of receipt of your official Scholarship Award Notification (SAN) letter; 
  2. Attendance and participation at a formal Scholarship Award Ceremony (including granting interviews and taking pictures for promotions) on a date and time to be specified -which may be prior, during or after joining;
  3. Continuation or renewal will be subject to satisfactory academic attendance and performance, conduct, and availability of resources;
  4. Maintenance of full-time enrolment status -measured by your regular attendance at all scheduled classes and activities;
  5. Scholarship payments only cover 1st time attempts at exams and tuition, and excludes any penalties;
  6. Discontinuing, deferring or transferring a course will automatically lead to loss of bursary; except on serious medical or close family responsibility grounds -for which a written-approval was granted; 
  7. Failure to continue meeting the eligibility criteria, or breach of any of the T/Cs may invite a scholarship suspension or termination;
  8. You may be required to provide a report to a scholarship donor, and all information we hold about you may also be passed on to a donor, or any party with a   bona fide interest; as judged solely by The CharterQuest Institute; and
  9. Any other T/Cs that will be in force, as updated on our website from time to time, or as specifically written in the Scholarship & Financial Aid (SFA) offer letter.

Any Enquiries?

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