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Our Integrated Case Study Courses run over 4 – 5 Weekends. We deploy bespoke materials for your specific case study, written by the same authors as the Official CIMA text books.

You’ll know the Case industry inside out! Your expert tutor will recap all key technical areas in class, using scenario based questions that look just like the real exam, ensuring that you have the understanding and skills needed to succeed. In class, you will sit two mock exams on a computer, attempting a series of timed tasks that simulate the real exam with detailed feedback.

What to expect?
•    Presentation on ICS computer based exams rules.
•    Review of ICS syllabus, assessment aims and learning outcomes in relation to the exam verb hierachy.
•    Pre-seen Review.
•    Practice Mocks designed to inte­grate and cover the Enter­prise (E), Performance(P) and Financial (F) pillars with detailed solutions discussed in class.
•    PC Based Final Mock Exam marked with debrief and detailed solutions.
•    Task assignments

Supporting Study Materials included in your tuition and revision course package

I.    Pre-course guidance materials
II.    Kaplan Official Case Study Textbook
III.    Support­ing Course Notes/ Case Analysis/ Workbook
IV.    Mock Practice Tasks and Solutions (Computer based tests)

CIMA Case Study Assessment

CharterQuest will prepare you for the final CIMA exam by giving you class mocks which you practice on the computer. Students have the option to study and take PC exams at same CQ campus giving them the home advantage – nothing will be new on the day of exam. This is how we also relieve your exam pressure and stress. 

At any CIMA level, the case study focuses on assessing students in the following areas: 

Core accounting and finance skills
Business acumen
People skills
Leadership skills

The areas however carry different exam weighting as follows: 

When can I write my Case Study exam?

In 2015 CIMA introduced the case study exam at each level and this exam is a computer based exam like all CIMA exams. This CIMA Case study computer based exam is a 3 hour long exam unlike the objective test exam that is 90 minutes long. 

There are four (4) cycles in which any case study can be written at specified exam week; February, May, August and November. 

CIMA students who are not currently enrolled for this course can also book to only use our PC Exam facility. Click here to only book your exam without taking the course. 

You can take the CIMA ICS Practice exam here

*Please note: CharterQuest does not offer tuition support to students who have only booked to write exams at any of our PC Exams centres. 

Download the ICS detailed course guideline...

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