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Study Text/Tuition Pack

Description: Our study texts/tuition packs comprehensively cover the syllabus so you can review all the information in the syllabus and link topics to learning outcomes easily. 

These Study Texts/Tuition packs give you the assurance of all you need to know for the exams, presented at the appropriate depth and breadth, according to how it is likely to be examined.

Key features:

  • User-friendly format for easy navigation.
  • Targeted coverage linked to the exam learning outcomes.
  • Information delivered in manageable, easy-to-read sessions.
  • Fast Forward points to allow you to pass quickly through sections that you are already familiar with.
  • Exam focus points showing exactly what the examiner wants you to do.
  • Opportunities to put your learning into practice and review your progress with plenty of end-of-chapter exam questions.
  • Plenty of end-of-chapter exam standard/style questions.
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