Team Sigma from Monash, South Africa

Team Profile

Team #SIGMA of Monash South Africa is made up of students in their 2nd and 3rd year of Management Studies. Out of their focus on International Business, they saw The CFO Case Study competition 2016 as an opportunity to apply themselves; their knowledge, and their problem solving skills under pressure thereby extending themselves to identify problems more akin to the real world with the full backing of the business and economic department of Monash South Africa. "In this competition, we hope not only to learn more about coming up with practical solutions to complex problems but to also gain individual experience that will benefit us in our particular passions and career interests. Our inspiration comes from our backgrounds of families who have made success from little beginnings and like our goal, they did the best with what they had to progress."

The team leader, Janell J Matthews, the “puzzle-piecer”, ensures that all the various pieces of the criteria & information are there and fit as they should. Tyrell Govindsamy - the "specialist” is the team player and financial analyst ensuring that the technicalities are seen to. 

Individual Profiles

Janell Matthews

Janell is the "puzzle-piecer" and team leader doing background research, filling in the missing pieces and ensuring the cohesion of the work presented and that all the necessary information is there. She hails from Cape Town, though currently studying a BSoSci psychology and management at Monash South Africa in Johannesburg.

Tyrell Govindsamy

Tyrell is the "specialist" for #SIGMA mainly specialising in analysing financials and conducting market research. He is a hard worker and a team player that drives and promotes synergy in the work group process. He is currently a third year student at the university of Monash South Africa studying a Bachelor of business science degree majoring in marketing and management. Tyrell has focused on outlining the financial implications and marketing situations of MCOM.

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