Volunteer as Mentor/Team Advisor

Mentors/Team Advisors add great value to The CFO Case Study Competition process by guiding and motivating teams to compete at the highest level. A lot of CFO aspirants are seeking a good Mentor/Team Advisor who can help them succeed at the competition and perhaps with their overall career. If you are a business educator, professional coach or mentor, manager, practicing CFO/CEO or entrepreneur, or a recent business graduate with case study competition experience, you are welcome to enlist as Mentor/Team Advisor to enable us to connect you with our aspirants who may need your help. Why volunteer as a Mentor? 

5 Good Reasons! 

  1. Receive R12,500 cash prize and recognition for coaching the winning team;

  2. Identify potential in young business minds of tomorrow and build your CV as a visionary and successful talent scout.
  3. Share your knowledge and empower aspirants to avoid the pitfalls you may have faced in your career. Help them become better at their presentation skills including other business skills.
  4. Build your profile as a business mentor/coach and add recommendations to your LinkedIn page!
  5. Discover how to manage younger workers and tap into your leadership abilities for the Generation Y. They think very differently!  

For the detailed rules relevant to all Mentors/Team Advisors, download pdf version.

To better discharge their role, Mentors/Team Advisors are expected to familiarise themselves with the above rules, including the competition rules and the criteria for winning.  

To express interest in participating as a Mentor/Team Advisor please register here

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