Competition Rules

All Aspirants, partners and associates of The CFO Case Study Competition and its related contests (The CFO Junior), (The CFO Brand Ambassadors Award and The CFO Social Media Award) are inter-alia bound by the spirit and rules covered in the following sections of The Competition Rules:

  • Section 1: About the competitions
  • Section 2: Participant, team eligibility and registration
  • Section 3: Competition format & stages
  • Section 4: Penalties and non compliance
  • Section 5: Intellectual property
  • Section 6: Consent and release
  • Section 7: Disclaimers
  • Section 8: Official prize,  prize transfer or substitution
  • Section 9: Applicable laws and jurisdiction
  • Section 10: Adjudication and outcomes

By getting involved in any shape or form, you agree to be bound by the detailed rules downloadable in pdf version at: Competition Rules.

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